Alicia Silverstone Nude in The Crush (1993)

Alicia Silverstone is a well-known American Actress who became extremely popular for starring in Aerosmith’s music video for ‘Cryin’’. This scene is from the movie The Crush, released in the year 1993, which was also her debut movie. You may remember her from the 1997 movie, Batman & Robin, in which she played Batgirl.

However, till date, her most memorable performance is in the 1995 hit comedy, Clueless, which led to a huge contract with Columbia Pictures. While there aren’t anymore nude scenes starring the actress, she has appeared naked for PETA, exposing her entire backside, and a tape of her was leaked by hackers where she can be seen fingering herself and then taking a shower. 

In this scene, we can see Alicia Silverstone nude. While she does not show her breasts, we do see her naked ass. The scene starts as she gets undressed in her bedroom with a guy stuck in a cupboard which has blinds.

As she slowly opens each of her shirt’s button, we get a sense that she has realized that someone is watching her. However, she continues to unbutton her shirt with a smirk and then drops it on the floor, exposing her ass to the guy as well as the audience. 

Then she turns around, showing herself to the guy and leaving a lot to our imagination. She takes her time in tying her hair properly. She keeps looking at the cupboard as she does so, and the guy cannot believe what he is seeing. The scene ends there.