Anna Paquin Nude in True Blood Season 2 (2009)

In this scene from True Blood Season 2, we can see Anna Paquin. True Blood ran from 2008 to 2014 and this scene is from 2009. She is about to get intimate with her male co-star. This scene is dimly lit and very passionate.

As the scene starts, we see that the guy is carrying Anna Paquin in his arms and throws her on the bed. She is already topless and showing her breasts. He then proceeds to undress her completely.

Now we can see Anna Paquin after that he comes towards her and they share a passionate kiss as he pushes her against the bed. Then she slowly moves towards one end of the bed in a seductive way, trying to get him to follow her, which he does. 

The guy looks towards her lustily and then grabs her left leg and drags her towards himself. Then he lifts her up and they start having sex and kiss each other while doing so. She can be seen enjoying herself as she rides him and kisses him passionately and the scene grows more intense.

The guy runs both his hands all over her body and then the scene cuts to them having sex in another position and the guy proceeds to bite her in the neck. The scene ends with them kissing again. You can see Anna Paquin nude in a lot of other clips from various seasons of True Blood as well as in The Affair, Bellevue, as well as a movie named Margaret.