Brandy Ledford Nude in her Sextape (1998)

This is a leaked sex tape from the year 1998 where we can see Janine Lindemulder and Brandy Ledford. You may know Brandy from one or more of her various stints in Television like Modern Family, Baywatch Hawaii, Whistler, and many more, she is also a model who was named the Penthouse Magazine’s ‘Pet of the Year’ in 1992 while Janine was a porn star.

The tape starts with a naked guy lying on the bed waiting for Janine. She comes and immediately takes off her top, revealing her breasts. We can see that she is completely naked and we get a full-frontal view right at the beginning. She then proceeds to give him a blowjob while he fingers her. Then slowly she gets into the 69 position with him as he starts to lick her as well. Then she asks him to change their positions and faces us in a way that the pussy is directly in front of the camera.

After some time, they start having sex in the cowgirl position, shortly after which she gets down to pleasure him once more and then they go at it again, but this time in the reverse cowgirl position. After a while, they change, yet again, to the missionary position. Then, Brandy comes in, wearing pink lingerie and sandwiches the guy. Shortly after her appearance, she takes off her lingerie and we see Brandy Ledford nude. After he is done with Janine, he starts fucking her as she kisses Janine. Then Janine takes the camera and starts filming them. After some time, the guy gets up and starts filming both the girls as they indulge in some hot, lesbian action.