Selma Blair Nude in Storytelling (2001)

This scene is from the movie Storytelling which was released in the year 2001. The scene starts with a close-up shot of her riding her male co-star. After a few seconds, she falls down to her bed exhausted and we get our first real look at her breasts.

As she lies own, she and the guy with her both look at each other as they feel exhausted after the sex. The guy then starts talking to her about something and a brief conversation follows.

Her gorgeous breasts are on display the entire time. She then gets up and gets dressed. Then we get another scene where she is with another guy. The guy tries to go for a kiss but she excuses herself to go to the washroom.

There, she finds photos of several other naked women. Then she composes herself, comes out and finds the man on the bed, ready for her.She takes off her bag, jacket and top.

Then the guy asks her to get fully nude. She is reluctant to do so, but does so anyway. We can then see Selma Blair nude. Then she goes closer. He stands up and asks her to lean against the wall. As she does, he pulls down his pants a little and proceeds to fuck her from behind. The scene ends there.

Selma Blair has also been nude in other films like A Dirty Shame (2004), In Their Skin (2012), and Feast of Love (2007, along with Stana Katic and Alexa Davalos).

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