Top Celebrities Whose Sex Tapes Took the Internet by Storm

Almost every human being in the world has sex with their partners, and it is a pretty normal thing. Many couples document those great moments to relive them later. However, few of them leaked on the internet with or without their consent. If the participants in those leaked videos turn out to be celebrities, the clips become sensational all over the world very quickly.

In this post, we will talk about the top 4 celebrities whose sex tapes became very popular and took the internet by storm. Let’s go through this erotic journey now!

Kim Kardashian and Ray J

None of the lists about celebrity sex tapes can be completed without mentioning Kim and Ray’s name. There are numerous sites like where you can find pictures and videos of these celebrities making love very passionately.

Vivid Entertainment later released this 41-minute film after settling a deal with Kardashian in 2007. The way Kim performs in this tape prove she can beat any top-rated porn star.

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee

This couple taped dirty sex during their honeymoon in 1995 and kept the video safe for many years in the garage. However, it was stolen by their ex-employee who uploads it on the internet and let the world see a terrific sex film

Pamela is a heck of a beauty whose nude videos and pictures can increase anyone’s heartbeat.

Nicole Narain & Colin Farrell

Nicole Narain & Colin Farrell

Nicole Naraian recorded a sex tape with her then-boyfriend Colin Farrell in 2003 that unfortunately got leaked a couple of years later. Colin later alleged that Nicole leaked this tape herself to gain popularity, but it never got proved.

However, the lovemaking techniques used by Nicole Narain proves how naughty she is when it comes to romance.

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly filmed a sex tape in her teen years with her ex-boyfriend that released illegally years later. It is still unknown who leaks this film, but Kelly’s fans couldn’t thank that individual more.

It looks like Kelly has a beautiful face and erotic body from her teenage years.


The sex tapes of these celebrities are a must-watch if you want to see their erotic side. Visit platforms like LeakedDiaries that has tons of celebrity content ranging from nude pictures to leaked videos. These tapes are enjoyable to watch, considering the excitement to watch your favorite actress getting banged in front of a camera.