Turn Up the Heat Through Sexting but Remember to Be Discrete

The pandemic has made it difficult to pursue sexual relations. Most of the world is still under lockdown so even if you have a partner residing in the same city getting together may be tough. To keep the passion alive sexting is the only way out but don’t forget to be discrete. If your sexy texts fall in the hands of the wrong person then it can be very awkward for both parties.

Some careless celebrities have made the mistake of not being discrete enough with their sexy texts and have lost out on a lot in the process. For example, it was revealed that ace golfer Tiger Woods is not so much an epitome of a family man and this was revealed through his sexy texts to his numerous mistresses.

For actor Ashton Kutchee, sexting pretty much cost him his marriage to Demi Moore as his mistress at the time shared the sexy texts, he exchanged with her. Actress Eva Longoria too snooped through her husband’s phone to find that he been doing sex chat with a married woman. What a shocker. Therefore, it’s worthy to check out Arousr.com, a credible sexting and erotic picture site online! 

Sexting Carefully

If you are not like one of these cheating celebrities and are just sexting with your partner even then it is necessary to be careful.

Do not open any potential sexy texts in public like Selma Blair. Anybody could be reading over your shoulder. If you suspect anything that might be NSFW then do not open that text at work!! You can only do so if you have a private cabin. It maybe unprofessional but we are not judging. Make sure to keep your phone screen side down when you are at a meeting or a restaurant with friends. Your notifications are for you to see first.

To conclude: Indulge in some sexy virtual fun but remember to be careful.